MVM Reaches 2-Year Safety Milestone

Celebrate McKenzie Valve & Machining's two-year injury-free milestone, a testament to their safety-first culture. Explore their journey with daily talks, audits, and training. Join in the commitment to workplace safety for more injury-free years ahead.

Team McKenzie
September 9, 2020
MVM Reaches 2-Year Safety MilestoneMVM Reaches 2-Year Safety Milestone
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McKenzie Valve & Machining, LLC is proud to announce that the company achieved two years of work without a recordable injury on September 5, 2020.

MVM has a safety-first culture in which the safety of its employees is considered as the first and most important aspect of any decision that is made.  MVM conducts daily safety talks, biweekly comprehensive safety audits, regular scheduled training, monthly IIF Team meetings, and reviews safety risks and hazards on a regular basis.  A program is only as strong as it’s people and the employees of MVM truly care about safety as demonstrated by the two-year recordable incident free milestone.

MVM would like to thank all of its employees for their contribution to this major accomplishment and looks forward to working will all of its employees to achieve several more safe years.