McKenzie Valve & Machining Hosts 2022 Bass Tournament

Discover the highlights of McKenzie Valve & Machining's successful 2022 Bass Tournament fundraiser at 1000 Acre Lake. Learn how the event raised $3,040 for Project Heart, benefiting children with Congenital Heart Disease. Find out about the winning duo, Doc Cary and Billy Busby, and the support from vendors like Iscar, Nexair, and Martin Supply. Join us in looking forward to the fourth annual tournament in Spring 2023.

Team McKenzie
April 1, 2023
McKenzie Valve & Machining Hosts 2022 Bass TournamentMcKenzie Valve & Machining Hosts 2022 Bass Tournament
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McKenzie, Tennessee (April 1, 2022) – On April 1, 2022, McKenzie Valve & Machining LLC hosted their third annual Bass Tournament fundraiser at 1000 Acre Lake in Huntingdon, Tennessee.

The event raised $1,520 for Project Heart—a number that was doubled to $3,040 by a matching donation from MVM.

“We have a couple employees whose children have benefited from the help of Project Heart, so we decided this year to donate the proceeds to them,” Danny Crews II, MVM’s Customer Service Representative, said.

Project Heart is a nonprofit organization that exists to fund the research needed to find lasting cures for all types of Congenital Heart Disease, a life-long condition in which an abnormality of the heart is present at birth. According to Project Heart’s website, CHD kids twice as many children as all forms of pediatric cancer combined.

The competition saw 16 participants, amassing eight boats, compete for bragging rights. The duo of Doc Cary and Billy Busby took home the first place and also caught the biggest fish of the event

The event saw other companies participate as vendors including Iscar, Nexair and Martin Supply.

The MVM team has begun planning the fourth annual tournament, which will take place in Spring 2023.