Fittings Flange (Bolted Manway Covers / Plates) SKU: FF


AAR Approval Number:  Must be approved under CoC

Manufactured to Customer Designs for General Purpose and Pressure Cars

Maximum Pressure:  Design Dependent

Maximum Temperature:  >500F

Common Materials:

  • ASTM A516 GR 70
  • ASTM A240 Type 304L
  • ASTM A240 Type 316L

Supplementary Material Options:

  • ASTM A262 Corrosion Testing

Common Configurations:

  • Valve Mounting Patterns, w/ or w/o Grooves
  • Counterbore / Countersunk Holes
  • Through Holes
  • UNC Threaded Holes
  • NPT Threaded Holes
  • Nozzle Mounting Bolt Circle
  • Drain Bolt Circle
  • Housing Bolt Circle
  • Localized AARH Flange Finishes