Ball Valve Repair Kits SKU: BVRK


Valve repair kits consist of two seats, a retainer seal, stem seals, packing and an o-ring if applicable.

Repair Kit Information

Part NumberDescriptionModelO-RingSeat Material
501732-012" FlangedUFFRRViton ATFE
501732-022" FlangedUFFRRBuna-NTFE
501732-032" FlangedUFFRREPDMTFE
501732-042" FlangedUFFRRNeoprene Food GradeTFE
501732-052" FlangedUFFRRViton BTFE
501732-062" FlangedUFFRRViton GF-STFE
501732-072" FlangedUFFRRKalrez 6375TFE
501732-082" FlangedUFFRRKalrez 1050LFTFE
501732-092" FlangedUFFRRChemraz 505TFE
501732-102" FlangedUFFRRSimriz 7295TFE
501732-112" FlangedUFFRRButyl Rubber IIRTFE
501732-122" FlangedUFFRRCarolina Seal 5176TFE
501732-132" FlangedUFFRRViton GFLTTFE
501733-013" FlangedUFFRRViton ATFE
501733-023" FlangedUFFRRBuna-NTFE
501733-033" FlangedUFFRREPDMTFE
501733-043" FlangedUFFRRNeoprene Food GradeTFE
501733-053" FlangedUFFRRViton BTFE
501733-063" FlangedUFFRRViton GF-STFE
501733-073" FlangedUFFRRKalrez 6375TFE
501733-083" FlangedUFFRRKalrez 1050LFTFE
501733-093" FlangedUFFRRChemraz 505TFE
501733-103" FlangedUFFRRSimriz 7295TFE
501733-113" FlangedUFFRRButyl Rubber IIRTFE
501733-123" FlangedUFFRRCarolina Seal 5350TFE
501733-133" FlangedUFFRRCarolina Seal 5176TFE
501733-143" FlangedUFFRRViton GFLTTFE
506434-013" Flanged X Threaded Full PortUFRNONETFE
503406-014" Low Profile without O-RingUFIRA and UZFFR and UFRCNONETFE
504083-014" Low Profile without O-RingUFIRA and UZFFR and UFRCNONERTFE (Graphite and Glass Filler)
505447-014" Full Port Low ProfileUFPFR and UFPFRGNONETFE
505446-014" Full Port Low ProfileUFPFR and UFPFRGNONERTFE (Graphite and Glass Filler)
502318-016" External Ball ValveUFRCVITON "A" and NEOPRENETFE