Minimize downtime with Compact Vacuum Relief Valves (VRV)

Test your valves while they’re still on the car

See the VRV go through testing

McKenzie Valve holds quality certifications from both the AAR and ISO in order to ensure that all the products and processes at MVM meet or exceed all standards.


Our team designs, engineers, and manufactures valves for a variety of tank cars from Union Tank Car Company and other leading rail car companies.


Our highly trained welders, fitters and machinists manufacture high quality valves with a range of industry compliant testing in-house. Along with our own product line, we can also design and engineer custom valves in-house.

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McKenzie Valve & Machining

Our 40,000+ sq. ft. of manufacturing space includes facilities in both Sheldon, TX and Alexandria, LA–with proximity to major transportation venues for fast and efficient delivery of tank car valves to our customers.

Exceptional Service & Quality Products

Manufacturing high-quality valves for tank cars since 1997

McKenzie Valve’s Mission

McKenzie Valve & Machining LLC seeks to supply our customers with the highest quality part while providing industry best pricing and lead time. Achievement of this mission is obtained by excelling in design, manufacturing, and marketing that exceed the needs and demands of our customers. Innovation and continuous improvement will direct the company on a path of 100% customer satisfaction.

How We Make Tank Car Valves

See how our team manufactures valves in-house at our facility in McKenzie, Tennessee and get to know some of the guys who engineer the very valves that keep our customers’ tank car payloads secured.

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